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This audio-agnostic video was filmed and produced with an iPad Mini. The recipe is original and creates an easy meal that's filling and nutritious. Read the text post here

High Country Clay, a pottery studio in Boone, North Carolina, upgraded to a new building in the late winter. As it grew, its new digs provided new opportunities for pottery newcomers and experienced crafters alike. This video explores the local studio; I conducted the interview audio. Accompanying social media post below.

Social Media 


Andie Aldred is the outreach coordinator for High Country Clay, a pottery studio in Boone, North Carolina. After moving to a new building, the studio is ready to expand. 

Beginning with resident artists, High Country Clay allows artists to host classes for the public about building with clay. Aldridge says one of their favorite parts of working with High Country Clay is the artists' willingness to educate others. 

Click the link in bio to explore clay and learn about working with it locally with High Country Clay. 

Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture aims to make local food more accessible and equitable through programs such as Double Up Food Bucks, which doubles federal nutrition benefits.


However, Local Food Markets & Equitable Food Systems Designer Taylor Hochwarth explains sometimes people still can't, or won't, eat local food, and it's important not to shame them. Food equity and accessibility still has a ways to go in the High Country. 

Read more about accessible food in the High Country at the link in bio. 

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